Over 1/3 of people aged 70 and over fall each year globally,
and close to half of those falls occur to a sudden loss in conciousness (WHO) (NEJM).

Symbiont Health™ strives to reduce the waiting time for rescue.
Therefore, we've introduced Symbiont's fall detection system: unobtrusive Wi-Fi routers to reliably detect falls.

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  • heartbeat

Seamless mesh network
that detects falls

Our mesh network of Wi-Fi routers detect falls without the need for any pendants, wearables or bodily sensors.

  • alert

Customizable real time

After a fall, we provide vital signs and medication information to caregivers to empower them to respond quicker and be more effective.

  • data

Intuitive data driven

Our AI algorithms provide patient behavior statistics that allow caregivers to reduce risks and increase patient satisfaction.

Tech Demo

We've developed for our own grandparents, and they love it!

At the Arden Courts of Kensington, a memory care community,
we have received feedback from over 40 patients. Here are the values we highlight in our solution:

  • Biggest Threat to Seniors

    Each year, 1 in 3 older Americans takes a fall. The CDC published that falls are the leading cause of injuries and deaths from injury for elderly.

  • Head Injuries

    Falls cause 60% of seniors' traumatic brain injuries. There may be bleeding within the skull that can cause a stroke and even death following a fall.

  • "Lie Time" Problems

    Half of seniors who fall can’t get up on their own. A UCSF study found that "lie time" of 72 hours increases mortality by 67%.

  • Ease of Mind

    We are grandchildren of independent patients with neuro-degenerative diseases and understand how worrisome the situation is. That's why we keep loved ones connected.

  • Fall Detection

    Research shows that getting up from a fall in under an hour decreases mortality rate substantially to 12%.

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